Virtual Product Demonstration

Sponsors and exhibitors can purchase the opportunity to showcase (a) product(s) in a 15min virtual product demonstration (pre-recorded video to be produced by the presenting organization) by contacting our sales team at (Please keep the submission deadlines (below) in mind and time your purchase accordingly).

This is a great opportunity to present your latest technology or solution(s) and to generate valuable leads! This session is intended to let attendees explore what's new in HPC, learn about the latest innovations and also discover new suppliers in the industry. The contact information of attendees who bookmarked and/or watched your demo will be provided (opt-in, in accordance with the GDPR).

The virtual product demonstrations will be released on Monday, May 30, 2022.

Submission Process

Stage 1 - speaker information

Stage 2 - video upload

Stage 3 - presentation materials
You may provide additional materials such as presentation slides, handouts, brochures etc. via the hybrid event platform