Your blog posts published in the virtual event platform

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors, Standard and Online Exhibitors

All ISC 2023 sponsors and exhibitors (not co-exhibitors) are invited to submit three (3) blog posts to be published in the "Tech News" section of the ISC 2023 virtual event platform Swapcard.

What kind of posts are we looking for?
We expect well-written posts between 1500-2000 words (max. 5000 characters incl. spaces) related to the state-of-the-art HPC projects, popular topics, research, analysis, systems, products and services. The posts must be unique and should not have been previously posted anywhere on the internet.

To create a blog post in the event platform, navigate to the Swapcard Exhibitor Center and select "Tech News" in the left hand menu under "Company Profile". Please provide one or more images, a title, an abstract, the blog post text, a URL to an external website and contact information of the author(s) or another person that can provide further information (optional).

If you have never written a blog before, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Be interesting, or better yet, be provocative.
  2. Be conversational: raise questions, invite contributions, discuss what’s happening on other blogs, leave some loose ends, and respond to comments made by readers.
  3. Inject some personality into your posts and include observations and anecdotes.
  4. Make use of multimedia whenever possible and think about your post’s layout.
  5. Credit the original source of all content embedded in posts.
  6. Make sure posts are seen by a second pair of eyes before publication.
  7. Never take an idea or insight from another blogger or site without acknowledgement.