Roadmap Presentation

Platinum Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors have the opportunity to satisfy attendee curiosity with their long-term goals as well as with what is currently in the pipeline by offering a glimpse of their product development in a 20min presentation.

Sponsors can choose to present on-site, online (video to be pre-recorded by the presenting organization) or both. We strongly recommend to take advantage of all possibilities that our hybrid event offers by making your presentation available to both on-site and online audiences. Sponsors who present both online and on-site will receive the attendee contact list (opt-in) for both talks.

On-site and online presentations do not have to be identical. If you wish to present two different talks (differing in content, speaker or both), please submit the information for both talks via our submission system Linklings and indicate which talk is intended for online or on-site presentation.

The Roadmap Presentations will take place/will be released on Wednesday, June 1. The schedule will be published in March.

Onsite, the Roadmap Presentations will take place in hall G1.

Submission Process

Stage 1 - speaker information

Stage 2 - video upload (only for sponsors who wish to publish their presentation online as a pre-recorded video)

Stage 3 - presentation materials
You may provide additional materials such as presentation slides, handouts, brochures etc. via the hybrid event platform

On-site Presentation

All speakers must be present on-site and registered in order to gain access to the session room (either an exhibition badge or a conference badge – both grant access to this session).

Please note that all onsite speakers are requested to submit their final presentation slides to the technicians in conference room G1 no later than 15 minutes before their session starts.

For any questions, please send an email to