HPC Marketplace

ISC 2023 sponsors as well as Standard and Online Exhibitors may showcase between 2 and 4 products, projects or services in the HPC Marketplace, depending on their sponsorship or exhibitor status. Please refer to your contract or to the Exhibitor Center to see how many items you may display.

Co-Exhibitors may purchase the opportunity to display 2 products, projects or services for 300.00€ + VAT (if applicable).

These items will be displayed

  • in the "HPC Marketplace" section of the ISC 2023 hybrid event platform, where they can be filtered and searched
  • in the "HPC Marketplace" section of your virtual booth.

Click here to view a sample posting.

In the Exhibitor Center, select "HPC Marketplace" in the left hand menu under "Company Profile". Please provide one or more images, a title, a description and a URL of an external website or of an externally hosted document (optional).