Dear Exhibitor,

Welcome to ISC High Performance! Please bookmark this page for your convenience. This information is intended to help you prepare for the ISC 2020 exhibition (June 22-24) and thus increase the value of your participation. Please read the manual thoroughly and forward it to all parties involved in your preparation for the exhibition (e.g. your colleagues, contractors). If you are a returning exhibitor, please familiarize yourself with this year's Exhibitor Manual, since it contains important updates. 

Please pay special attention to the ISC Rules and Regulations. Click here for further information.

This online manual contains links and order forms for all official service providers. ISC Group has contracted out the responsibility to perform the various tasks needed to set up, operate and dismantle the exhibition to a select group of companies. It is to your advantage to choose our official contractors as provided in the online exhibitor manual. Official service providers maintain a presence on-site and provide trained technical staff to support your needs.

Please note: Our service providers will only contact you to offer their services or to remind you of upcoming deadlines if you agreed to share your contact information when signing your booth contract. If you did not agree to share your contact information, please make sure to contact our service providers pro-actively at the appropriate time to avoid delays and additional costs, or give your permission to share your contact data with our trusted partners now.

Please submit all orders by the deadlines indicated. Please be aware that we will not be able to provide some of the services included in your package or additional services if the deadlines are not met.

If you need any further assistance, contact us at exhibitor-support@isc-events.com. Please allow us up to 48 hours to get back to you.

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We look forward to seeing you at ISC High Performance 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany! 

Wishing you a successful exhibition,

The ISC 2020 Team


ISC 2020 exhibition activities

  • The HPCAI Advisory Council - ISC 2020 Student Cluster Competition will feature 14 teams from around the world competing and demonstrating the incredible capabilities of state-of-the-art HPC systems and applications on the ISC 2020 show floor.
  • In the Exhibitor Forum, our sponsors will share the stories behind their product development as well as recent technical or commercial successes (booth #N-210).
  • As always, lunches and coffee will be served within the exhibition hall.