Engage with your audience

Available to all exhibitors

ISC will not only take place on the showfloor in Hamburg, but also online via the highly interactive platform Swapcard, which offers sophisticated matchmaking and engagement capabilities. This allows exhibitors to connect and interact with attendees, whether they participate online or onsite, in real time.

Please refer to our Exhibitor Guide to Attendee Engagement to learn more.

Below, engagement possibilities directly related to your interactive page are briefly explained.

For onsite lead retrieval opportunities please visit our Lead Retrieval Page.

Booth Chat

All ISC  sponsors and Standard Exhibitors will have a live chat function included in their interactive page. Visitors to your page will be able to send your team a text message through this chat and, if desired, start a video call. The chat function will be enabled one week before the event. Until then, it will not be visible.


All ISC sponsors and exhibitors will be able to see the contact information and real-time analytics of their interactive page performance within the Exhibitor Center. The data provided includes:

  • Number of views of (i.e. visits to) your page
  • Number of people who bookmarked your page
  • Number of contacts made by your team members
  • Number of contacts with scoring (i.e. contacts rated by your team members)
  • Average of scorings made by your team members (i.e. average quality of your contacts as rated by your team members)

Please note that a data category will only be displayed if there is at least one record in this category; e.g. the category "Contacts made by your team members" will not show up as part of your analytics until your team has made at least one contact.

Contact information of attendees who engaged with your content

All ISC sponsors and exhibitors can see a list of visitors to their interactive page on the homepage of their Exhibitor Center, the back office of their interactive page. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach out to them and offer them a meeting or additional information on your products and services!

Furthermore, all sponsors and exhibitors can access the contact information of attendees who engaged with their content and who gave their consent to share their data (in compliance with the GDPR). The contact lists can the downloaded on the swapcard website. Please refer to the Lead Retrieval Guide for further information.

The lists contain among others:

  • Whether an attendee interacted with your “sponsored” session (e.g. Vendor Showdown, Vendor Roadmaps, HPC Solutions Forum, Virtual Product Demo)
  • Whether an attendee viewed your interactive page
  • Whether an attendee viewed an item you displayed in the HPC Marketplace, HPC Career Center and Giveaways sections
  • How many times an attendee viewed your ad banner on the event platform homepage
  • The attendee consent form gives you all the information