Contact information of attendees who engaged with your exclusive speaking opportunities

ISC 2023 sponsors and exhibitors will receive the contact information of attendees who engaged with Vendor Roadmaps, the Vendor Showdown, HPC Solutions Forum presentations and Virtual Product Demonstrations onsite and online.

The contact lists only include the contact data of attendees who gave their consent to share their data (in compliance with the GDPR). For answers to FAQ by our exhibitors regarding the GDPR compliance of the contact lists, please refer to this page.

The lists include:

  • number of registered attendees (i.e. attendees who bookmarked the session in the schedule)
  • number of unique viewers
  • contact information of each viewer
  • average watching duration per session (online presentations only)
  • when each viewer first started watching and last stopped watching (online presentations only)
  • total watch time of each viewer (online presentations only)