Floral Services

Floral arrangements for your booth, Exhibitor Suite or meeting room are available for rent. 

Please place your order through the Hamburg Messe online "Shop for Exhibitor Services" in the section “stand equipment”. Click here to learn more about shop access.

Deadline - April 24, 2023
After the deadline has passed, a 20% express surcharge applies to all orders. Orders are accepted through May 22, 2023. (For late orders, the service team will inform you if a requested service/product can be provided at all or in time.)

Please contact the OSC Customer Service team at
Hotline: +49 40 3569-7575
Email: customerservice@hamburg-messe.de

On-site Assistance
On-site assistance is available at booth #L1125 in the exhibition hall (Hall H) during the following times:

  • Saturday, May 20: 12pm - 6pm
  • Sunday, May 21 - Wednesday, May 24: 9am - 6pm

Please note: If you experience any issues or difficulties with your order on-site, contact us immediately! Otherwise, we cannot guarantee proper support or any applicable refund.