Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look at the most frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance and/or information, please don't hesitate to contact our Exhibitor Support Team at Keep in mind that each question answered in advance is one less problem to be solved on-site!

Which hall is the exhibition in?

Exhibition Hall H in the Congress Center Hamburg.

Is a booth included in my exhibitor/sponsor package?

Please click here to find out what is and what is not included in your package. 

As an exhibitor, can I have my logo in the exhibitor listing on the ISC website?

Yes, all sponsors and exhibitors can display their logo in the ISC Exhibitor Listing. For more info, click here.


Additionally, you can purchase an online banner to increase your company's visibility on our website. If interested, please contact

How can I access the ISC attendee contact list?

The attendee contact list (opt-in) is included in all sponsorship packages and the Online Exhibitor package. Standard Exhibitors and Co-Exhibitors can purchase the list by contacting For more information, click here.


The attendee contact list will become available approx. at the end of April via a download link, which will be shared by email.

Is Co-Exhibitor registration mandatory?

Yes, please refer to this page for further details. 

Do I need to register booth staff for participation?

Yes, all participants attending ISC on-site must be registered. Upon arrival on-site each participant must check in personally at the check-in desk to receive a badge. No access will be granted without a badge. 

How do I register my booth staff?

Online registration will open in February; instructions how to register your booth staff will be shared in due time.

Do I need a special badge or wristband for build-up/dismantle days?

Yes, wristbands are required for build-up and dismantle days. For more information, refer to this page.

Can I invite/register guests with the passes included in my package?

Yes, you can apply the passes that are included in your package to any staff or guest of your choice. Online registration will open in February.

My organization has a speaking slot included in the sponsor or exhibitor package or purchased as an additional opportunity. Do speakers receive a free pass?

No, speakers of vendor speaking slots do not receive a free pass. Please register them with one of the complimentary passes included in your sponsor or exhibitor package or with a paid pass (either conference or exhibition pass).

Can I send my exhibit materials directly to the event venue (CCH)?

No, any shipments need to be sent to the advance warehouse.


All shipments have to be sent to the following address, please click here for further shipping deadlines and information:


Schenker Deutschland AG
c/o ISC 2023
Karlsruher Str. 10
30519 Hannover
c/o Name of the exhibitor and booth number

Is there security provided for my booth?

General fire safety and security for the exhibition hall will be maintained during the move-in, exhibition and move-out days. Additional security services must be provided by the exhibitor. For more information on how to order security personnel for your booth, follow this link

Can I serve alcoholic drinks at my booth?

ISC regulations prohibit the distribution of alcoholic beverages in the exhibition hall, unless such services are ordered from Käfer Service Hamburg GmbH catering.

Can I serve food at my booth?

ISC regulations prohibit the distribution of food in the exhibition hall, unless such services are ordered from Käfer Service Hamburg GmbH catering.

Can I have music at my booth?

Yes, as long as it does not disturb any neighboring booths. If any sound is too loud or offensive, you may be asked to turn it down or off. Please note: It is not allowed to play any music which is protected by the music authors rights society (GEMA).

When can I start building my booth?

Please refer to the exhibition time schedule for further information.

When can I dismantle my booth?

As early as Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 5:00pm. Please refer to the exhibition time schedule for further information.

Is there catering provided for exhibitors in the exhibition hall?

Yes, please refer to this page for more info.

Can I bring food or drinks into the event center?

Only for personal use and only during build-up and dismantling hours.


Please note: food delivery personnel will not be allowed inside the exhibition hall.

Is catering provided during build up and dismantle?

During build-up and dismantle, no catering will be provided. Food and beverages can e.g. be obtained from the nearby Dammtor train station.

Please note: food delivery personnel of external providers will not be allowed inside the exhibition hall.

How can I access the event center to build up my booth?

Booth builders arriving for build-up and dismantle must enter through Gate H (via Tiergartenstraße). Build-up and dismantle wristbands are handed out free of charge at Gate H. No prior registration is required.


Booth staff registered with an Exhibition or Conference Pass may enter the exhibition hall via the main entrance of the Convention Center starting on Sunday, May 12.


For more information regarding exhibition hall access, refer to this page.

How and when can I access my meeting room?

Meeting rooms are located on the 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor of the CCH and can be accessed directly from the foyer. Please verify the exact location of your meeting room(s) with Mr. Josiah Tabor (


Meeting room hours are


Monday, May 13

8:00am - 8:00pm

Tuesday, May 14

8:00am - 8:00pm

Wednesday, May 15

8:00am - 4:00pm


When will the vendor speaking opportunities schedules be available?

The schedules will be announced in the second half of March.

What is the dress code for ISC?

The dress code is semi-casual.