Storage and Crate Removal

It is not allowed to store empty packing material in the exhibition hall (including in booths and Exhibitor Suites) before, during or after the event. We recommend that you order storage/crate removal services from Schenker and they will remove and store your crates, boxes and packing materials. The empties are not accessible during the show and will be returned after 5:00pm on May 24, 2023, if they are properly labeled. Labels will be distributed during the move-in period and they will be available at the Schenker booth #M1126 anytime.

Should you have goods (e.g. giveaways) that you would like to distribute during the event, but for which you do not have storage space at your booth, you can take advantage of Schenker's accessible storage facility. You can temporarily store your goods there and either pick them up as needed yourself, or have them delivered to your booth by Schenker.

Ordering & Questions
To arrange services, please contact Schenker or fill out and submit this form to:

Mr. Holger Kapitza
Office:  +49 511 87005 410
Fax:      +49 511 87005 450

Deadline - April 19, 2023

On-site Assistance
Schenker offers on-site assistance at booth #M1126 in the exhibition hall (Hall H):

  • Saturday, May 20: 12pm - 6pm
  • Sunday, May 21 - Wednesday, May 24: 9am - 6pm

Please note: If you experience any issues or difficulties with your order on-site, contact us immediately! Otherwise, we cannot guarantee proper support or any applicable refund.