Logistics and Shipping

Schenker Hannover has been appointed as sole official freight forwarder for all logistics at ISC 2024. All deliveries small and large for ISC 2024 should arrive at the designated warehouse (refer to address below) prior to the event week (refer to deadlines below). Deliveries sent to the warehouse can be accepted starting from January 31, 2024. Your materials will be delivered to you on-site for set-up if properly labeled! To ensure timely arrival and delivery of your materials please read the shipping guidelines carefully and consider the arrival deadlines.

ISC High Performance Green Tips:
- Reduce your carbon footprint (and your shipping costs!) by consolidating your shipments and by sending them to the advance warehouse.
- Schenker aims to put the majority of the materials and resources that they use back into the materials cycle, thus increasing the recycling rate. As part of that Schenker recommends their reusable packaging system which offers various types of safe and useful packaging options. Ask Schenker for details!

April 10, 2024: Booking deadline for orders
April 30, 2024: shipments to warehouse end (customs NOT cleared)
May 08, 2024: shipments to warehouse end (customs cleared)

Please note: shipments that arrive after the official deadlines or that are sent without Schenker's prior approval of the commercial invoice will incur extra charges. Furthermore, a timely delivery of late arrivals is at the discretion of German customs authorities and cannot be guaranteed.

Shipping Label & Address - Download shipping label

Schenker Deutschland AG 
c/o ISC 2024 
Karlsruher Str. 10
30519 Hannover
c/o Name of the exhibitor and booth number

Ordering & Questions
Services offered by Schenker as part of their exhibition portfolio include:

  • Ocean- / air or roadfreight transports to / from ISC 2024 before and after the show
  • Customs clearances in your country before and after the show through the local Schenker office in your country
  • Assistance with completing the required customs paperwork if required
  • Assistance with arranging a transport insurance or a liability insurance if required
  • Customs clearance in Germany including customs inspection / unpacking / repacking of your exhibits
  • Local transport from the advanced warehouse in Germany to your booth and vice versa at the date and time previously agreed with you
  • Rental of forklifts and labours onsite (e.g. for unloading / standfitting / positioning of exhibits on your booth / unpacking jobs, etc)
  • Empty case service incl. providing of empty-case-labels, pick up from your booth, off-site storage during the show (not accessible) and re-delivery after the closing of the show
  • Handling of storage goods (not empty) (not accessible) during the show
  • Providing of an accessible storage area during the show, e.g. for daily re-supply of your advertising material

…and many more customized services based on your individual requests and needs.

To arrange services, please contact Schenker or fill out and submit this form to:

Mr. Justin Schneider
Tel: +49 511 87005 408
Fax: +49 511 87005 450
Email: justin.schneider@dbschenker.com


On-site Assistance

Schenker assistance is available at booth #M58 in the exhibition hall (Hall H) during the following times:

  • Saturday, May 11: 12pm - 6pm
  • Sunday, May 12 - Wednesday, May 15: 9am - 6pm

Please note: If you experience any issues or difficulties with your order on-site, contact us immediately! Otherwise, we cannot guarantee proper support or any applicable refund.

We kindly ask that you forward this information to your booth builder if you are not working with cubicworx.