HPC Solutions Forum

Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors

Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors are entitled to a 20-minute talk in the HPC Solutions Forum. Sponsors are asked to select 1-3 topics from a list previously sourced from the HPC community. The speakers will present their take on how these topics relate to their organization’s technological and business strategies.

Sponsors can choose to present on-site OR online (video to be pre-recorded by the presenting organization). The contacts of attendees who attended the presentation onsite or watched the presentation online, as well as attendees who bookmarked the presentation in the online schedule, will be available for download via the Leads Board in the Swapcard Exhibitor Center (opt-in, in accordance with the GDPR). For more information, click here.

Submission Process

Stage 1 - speaker information

Stage 2 - presentation slides

Sponsors presenting onsite must provide presentation slides. Sponsors presenting online must provide a pre-recorded video. You may also provide additional materials such as handouts, brochures etc. for download via the hybrid event platform.

Onsite Presentation

The HPC Solutions Forum presentations will take place/will be released on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (May 22-24). The schedule will be published in March.

Onsite, the HPC Solutions Forum sessions will take place in the exhibition hall (booth #K1001).

Please note: all speakers in the HPC Solutions Forum must be registered with an Exhibition Pass or Conference Pass. Speakers in the HPC Solutions Forum will not be provided with a promo code. Please purchase a pass or allot a pass from the complimentary passes included in your sponsorship package for your speaker.

For any questions, please send an email to vendor-program@isc-events.com.