HPC Solutions Forum

Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors

Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors are entitled to a 20-minute talk in the HPC Solutions Forum. Sponsors are asked to select 1-3 topics from a list previously sourced from the HPC community. The speakers will present their take on how these topics relate to their organization’s technological and business strategies.

Sponsors can choose to present on-site, online (video to be pre-recorded by the presenting organization) or both. We strongly recommend to take advantage of all possibilities that our hybrid event offers by making your presentation available to both on-site and online audiences. Sponsors who present both online and on-site will receive the attendee contact list (opt-in) for both talks.

On-site and online presentations do not have to be identical. If you wish to present two different talks (differing in content, speaker or both), please submit the information for both talks via our submission system Linklings and indicate which talk is intended for online or on-site presentation.

The HPC Solutions Forum presentations will take place/will be released on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (May 30 - June 1). The schedule will be published in March.

On-site, the HPC Solutions Forum sessions will take place in the exhibition hall (booth #J901).

Submission Process

Stage 1 - speaker information

Stage 2 - video upload (required only for sponsors who wish to publish their presentation online as a pre-recorded video)

Stage 3 - presentation materials (optional)
You may provide additional materials such as presentation slides, handouts, brochures etc. via the hybrid event platform

Topics available for selection

Choose min. 1, max. 3:

  • When is cloud more efficient than on-premises computing, and vice versa? How should these hybrid environments be managed? (Alternately: Discuss the efficiencies and inefficiencies of operating all on-prem, all cloud, and hybrid.)
  • Machine learning and HPC: Each worthy of its own investment, or better together? (Alternately: Marriage for the ages, or heading for divorce?)
  • What needs to be done in software to reduce the widening gap between theoretical performance and actual performance?
  • What are the important considerations in building data center facilities that can scale along with computing?
  • What under-appreciated aspects of data management are the real secrets to scalable computing?
  • Specialization vs. standardization: How do you maximize specific application performance without creating silos?
  • Networks and composability: Is it really possible to build a system that’s good at everything without dramatically over-provisioning?
  • The next innovation: What will be the big news at ISC 2032? Be as specific as you can.
On-site Presentation

All speakers must be registered for the event and must have a valid badge to access the exhibition hall (either an exhibition badge or a conference badge – both grant access to the hall).

Please note that all onsite speakers are requested to submit their final presentation slides to the technicians in the HPC Solutions Forum (booth #J901) no later than 15 minutes before their session starts.

If you consent, your HPC Solutions Forum presentation slides will be included in the ISC 2022 proceedings. The proceedings will be made available online for all Exhibition and Conference Pass holders (approximately 3500 attendees).

For any questions, please send an email to exhibitor-support@isc-events.com.