Hamburg Messe Shop for Exhibitor Services

All Hamburg Messe services can be conveniently ordered online in the Hamburg Messe "Shop for Exhibitor Services". Services bookable in the shop include rigging, electricity upgrades, wired internet connections, booth cleaning, booth security, catering and many more.

Please note: Hamburg Messe is charging a 20% surcharge for orders places after May 2, 2022. Order by the deadline and save $$$!


Access to the Exhibitor Services Shop:
Please fill out this form and consent to sharing your contact data with the ISC service providers.

Within 5 business days, the contact person you named in the form will receive an email from the Hamburg Messe customer service team with a customer number and password.

  • You can share the customer number and password with anyone who should be able to place orders for your ISC 2022 booth, including your service providers.
  • Alternatively, you can authorize your service providers to place orders for your booth by registering them in the Shop for Exhibitor Services (navigate to "My Data" and then to "Authorizations").
  • You can also add additional billing addresses in the Shop for Exhibitor Services (navigate to "My Data" and then to "Billing Address") and select which address an item in your shopping cart should be billed to.

If you have any questions about the Hamburg Messe “Shop for Exhibitor Services" or the sign up process, please contact:

Mrs. Carola Tepper
Phone: +49 40 3569-2471


Mrs. Silja Launspach
Phone: +49 40 3569-2476