Photo and Video Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all image and audio recording equipment including mobile phones.


To ensure that everyone respects the wishes and privacy of exhibitors and attendees who do not wish to be photographed or videotaped, we require that all those who attend follow the ISC Photo and Video Guidelines.

  • It is not permitted to take photographs or videos of a booth without first securing the cooperation of the management of the booth being photographed. All preferences expressed by an individual booth manager must be respected.
  • Photography/videography for public broadcast or commercial distribution is not allowed, with exception to accredited media with proper media badges, by the official ISC photographer/videographer, and by exhibitors who film ONLY in their booth/display.
  • Exhibitors who wish to photograph/record video of their booth are strongly requested to do so during off-hours (Mon 2-3 pm, Tue 8-10 am, Wed 8-9 am). To gain exhibition hall access during off-hours, photographers must be registered with an exhibition or conference pass under the exhibitor’s company name.
  • If exhibitors need to photograph/record video of their booth during exhibition hours, visitor traffic must remain unaffected. Aisles may not be blocked by the photo or video crew or with equipment such as lights, power cords, or tripods. The ISC organizers reserve the right to remove any equipment blocking aisles to ensure the visitors’ safety. To gain exhibition hall access during exhibition hours, photographers must be registered with an exhibition or conference pass.

MANDATORY Video Prerequisite at ISC: Governing All Conference Sessions, Workshops, Tutorials, and BoFs

ISC High Performance reserves the exclusive right to publish and promote ISC content as on-demand and promotional content. Therefore, ISC attendees, exhibitors, session chairs, and speakers are strictly prohibited from recording and broadcasting any technical content presented at ISC without the prior written consent of ISC Group. If you wish to acquire authorization to videotape a session at ISC, please contact Ms. Nages Sieslack at