Booth Plan Approval

Exhibitors hiring external booth builders and not the official booth builder cubicworx, must submit a detailed booth plan to Ms. Kristin Kremer for cosmetic and technical approval no later than May 2, 2022:

Office: +49 351 407 52255
Fax:     +49 351 407 52266


  • Please make sure the plan includes all dimensions (including the overhead design), all technical connections and the details (name, email address, phone number) of an on-site contact person.
  • Only sponsors are allowed to build up to 6 meters high! (Exhibitors who are not sponsors are allowed to build 3 meters high.)
  • Obstructing designs are not allowed - this will be checked on an individual basis.
  • Please note that some extraordinary booth designs may require further processing, which could result in additional fees. For more information please contact Ms. Kremer.

For further details regarding booth building limitations (height, separation walls, booth decoration) please refer to the ISC rules and regulations.