The ISC organizers or Hamburg Messe are not liable for losses and/or damages to your freight/exhibits. Every exhibitor is responsible for their own materials and equipment.

Insurance policies can be purchased through the partners of Schenker, Hamburg Messe or any insurance company of your choice.

Insurance through Schenker

SpV (German Liability Insurance): this is a mandatory but very basic insurance. Any German freight forwarder will cover the premium in case you do not have your own transport insurance. It protects you as the owner of the equipment in case of an insurance claim, but the liability is fairly low and will most likely not reach the value of the damage. Secondly, it covers your freight forwarder if they cause a claim related to your properties. The premium depends on the value of your freight. If unknown, your freight forwarder will estimate the value on your behalf.


Transport insurance: this is an optional insurance you can order for the best possible coverage of your exhibits. Most regular insurance companies on the market offer a transport insurance as part of their portfolio. You can choose a transport insurance that covers all your company’s transports throughout the year or one transport specifically. Premiums vary depending on your transport frequencies, type of equipment and destinations. If you have your own transport insurance, kindly inform Schenker so that they will not cover the SpV insurance for you. Schenker also offers transport insurances in cooperation with their preferred supplier, the insurer AXA.


For further details or if you are interested in ordering a transport insurance, please contact Schenker:


Mr. Holger Kapitza
Tel:  +49 511 87005 410
Fax: +49 511 87005 450

Insurance through Hamburg Messe

Hamburg Messe offers a combined exhibition & transport insurance for varying insurance values as well as accident insurance. Please place your order through the Hamburg Messe online "Shop for Exhibitor Services" in the section “stand service”. Click here to learn more about shop access.

Other Insurances

Other useful insurance policies exhibitors should consider are liability insurance and luggage insurance.