Vendor Roadmap Presentation

Platinum Sponsors only

The Vendor Roadmap Presentation is a chance for ISC 2021 Digital Platinum sponsors to inform the ISC audience about their organization's product development direction. This can be any product related roadmap: features roadmap for an existing product, a product portfolio roadmap, or a strategy roadmap. The Vendor Roadmap Presentation is a 15min long, pre-recorded video.

Stage 1 - speaker information

Stage 2 - video upload

Stage 3 - additional materials
You may also provide additional materials such as presentation slides, handouts, brochures etc.

We strongly encourage you to work the session chat, especially during the initial release time slot of your session. However, since your session will be available for on-demand viewing after its initial release, you should monitor the session chat regularly. For detailed information about the session chat and the poll/quiz functionality, please refer to this user guide.